10 Reasons to be Excited for Fast and Furious 6

Two years after the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, the sixth is fast approaching! It can only get better and judging from the trailer it is sure to entertain even if you haven’t followed the previous films. Here’s 10 reasons why YOU should be super excited about Fast and Furious Six.

“Guys, they got a tank!”  A tank… there is actually a tank! Crushing cars left right and centre this has taken the franchise to a whole new level!

Eye candy!   This film is full of hot guys and hot girls! Lets be honest, this can make the viewing experience that little bit more exciting.

Mia and the pregnancy from Fast5. Is she really going to bring a baby into this kind of environment…really?!

The stunts. Cars getting crushed, flipped and even something involving a truck… Spectacularly impressive.

Letty. Just tell us where she has been hiding all these years!

All the fast and furious clan is in it. Well the ones worth watching anyway!

Fast Cars. Because EVERYONE secretly wants to be able to drive like them.

Paul Walker. Paul Walker Paul Walker Paul Walker.

7th installment. The 7th film has been confirmed and you won’t have to wait too long to see it with a prediction of it being released only a year after the 6th!

You don’t need to see the others to enjoy it. The main reason this will be a good film is that even on its own it’s still a good summer action film, regardless if you follow the storyline or not.

Fast and Furious 6 definitely seems like an action packed, fast paced and feel good film. Check out the trailer and prepare to be amazed!!


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